2010 TTG TRAVEL AWARDS HALL OF FAME - Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport

Which is harder, to get to the top or to stay on top? Why?
Service delivery is like running on a treadmill that never stops. There is no destination – you keep running and continually strive to improve your performance. At Changi Airport, it is not about staying on top, but rather to continuing to do better. 


Name one innovation we can expect from you in 2011.
We are introducing an Instant Feedback System at Changi, which empowers passengers to give us real-time feedback at various customer touchpoint in the airport, such as check-in and immigration counters, washrooms and retail stores. With this feedback, supervisors will have a good view of the service level on the ground and take immediate action to improve or rectify any gaps. 


As agents had voted for you, what would you do to win more business from them?
Over the past year, we have been working closely with travel agents and airline partners to come up with attractive travel packages and to jointly promote them. We have targeted less familiar destinations in order to boost travel to these places. This is an example of the win-win partnership we seek with travel agents.


If you have one burning message for travel agents, what would that be?
Together, with our agents, we can make the pie bigger! As travellers become more sophisticated, they are keen to explore new ideas and consider holidays away from the capital and big cities. Let us work together to develop this market potential and generate new business opportunities. Give us your ideas!


How did you go about celebrating the win?
To celebrate our win, we shared the news with all staff and gave them virtual pat on the back!


Credits to Mr Lee Seow Hiang, CEO, Singapore Changi Airport

Picture: Ms Poh Li San, Singapore Changi Airport