TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2018

Hong Kong International Airport

How has your organisation stayed ahead of the competition this year?

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) continues to enhance its facilities to maintain its leading status as an international and regional aviation hub. The Three-runway System project will allow the airport to handle 30 million additional passengers annually. The expansion in Terminal 1 will also add over 40 check-in counters and two baggage reclaim carousels.

What three factors are critical in bringing your organisation continually forward into the future?

HKIA’s excellence is grounded in three critical success factors: safety, efficiency and services.

Each year, we conduct more than 100 drills, exercises, trainings and seminars covering various operational disruption and emergency response scenarios. We strive to keep our airport community abreast of the latest aviation safety knowledge and technology.

HKIA has established its first mobile app and introduced smart self-service check-in kiosks.

We strive to add a human touch to what we do, and be caring, in order to deliver a superior passenger experience. Our aim is to make HKIA a destination in itself which travellers would like to arrive at earlier to enjoy special delicacies or do shopping.

What can your trade partners and customers look forward to in doing business with you in 2019?

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB), which will open late-2018, will further strengthen HKIA’s connections with the Western Pearl River Delta (PRD) and Macao.

By 2023, an Intermodal Transfer Terminal (ITT) and a bonded bridge will be built to connect the HZMB with HKIA.

The ITT will enable air passengers to/from the PRD West travelling via the HZMB to have direct access to HKIA without going through Hong Kong’s immigration or customs clearance. The transit time between Hong Kong, the Western PRD and Macao will be significantly shortened.

In additional, the Express Rail Link is expected to be in operation by late-2018; passengers travelling from mainland China will be able to easily transfer to the HKIA via the Airport Express Line. – C K Ng, executive director, airport operations, Airport Authority Hong Kong

Credits to Steven Yiu, Deputy director, service delivery, Airport Authority Hong Kong