TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2019

Lotte Tour

What is the most impressive achievement for your company this year?

In April, Lotte Tour’s charter cruise opened its door to coincide with the opening of Incheon Cruise Terminal. This year, which is the 10th anniversary of our charter cruise operation, we operated a total of five cruises.

Moreover, as a result of improved service quality and customer satisfaction, we won the Korea Service Grand Prix’s grand prize in the travel sector for four years in a row. By developing new products and improving customer service, we will keep on striving to become a trusted travel agency.

It is often said that an organisation is only as strong as its people. What investments have your company made in talent development this year?

To improve our work performance, we hold training sessions for employees. It is not just simple training, we collect feedback from staff and apply them to the next training session.

We recently held a psychological therapy programme for employees called ‘Goodbye Complaint’ which they rated as being highly satisfying. We believe that employees’ happiness brings about good quality of service and leads to customers’ satisfaction. Thus, we are planning to invest in talent development.

What can your trade partners and customers look forward to in doing business with you in 2020?

Lotte Tour keeps developing new regions and products to meet customers’ needs. We have been operating charter cruises for 10 years now, and also have a special charter plane which flies to various regions such as Cairo, Amman, Santiago, Hokkaido, Oakland and Zhangjiajie.

Lotte Tour is strengthening its competitiveness by providing differentiated travel products and a high quality of service.

Credits to Harry Baek, CEO & president, Lotte Tour