TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2019


What is the most impressive achievement for your company this year?

To address the greater need for personalization, Sabre has launched Sabre Red 360. Now in the process of being fully deployed across Asia- Pacific, this new, revolutionary platform will change the way travel agents do business.

Sabre Red 360 is Sabre’s smartest workflow, changing how travel agencies across the region book travel, brand and build their offer to better cater to traveller needs. With Sabre Red 360, the speed to productivity helps bring new agents into the fold faster than before, achieving two times the productivity in their first two to four months, with booking volumes matching counterparts with twice their tenure.

It is often said that an organisation is only as strong as its people. What investments have your company made in talent development this year?

As we continue to transform Sabre into an organisation where people are enabled to do their best work, we are proud to say that 2019 has been identified as the year of people and culture by our global leaders, and we have decided to continue making this a business priority going forward. This means that Sabre has invested significant resources in collecting employee feedback and transforming ideas into tangible actions. We recently launched LinkedIn Learning for all employees. Additionally, we have also introduced a new global policy that entitles Sabre employees to 12 weeks of paid parental leave.

What can your trade partners and customers look forward to in doing business with you in 2020?

As the leading technology provider to the global travel industry, we are committed to investing in research and innovation. Sabre has a long history of technology leadership in retailing, distribution and fulfilment within the $1.7 trillion travel marketplace.

Over the past two years, Sabre has focused on reinvigorating and transforming Sabre to continue to accelerate innovations to the market, recently taking an important step in that journey by opening its Innovation Lab in Boston. Sabre’s global research and development arm explores novel uses of big data, machine learning, AI and other emerging technologies to shape the future of travel. – Todd Arthur, vice president, Sabre Travel Network Asia Pacific

Credits to Brett Thorstad, Vice president sales management South East Asia & APAC joint ventures, Sabre Travel Network