2014 TTG TRAVEL AWARDS HALL OF FAME - Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Group

What does this award mean to you and who do you want to share it with? 
Changi Airport is extremely honoured to have been inducted into the TTG Hall of Fame. We share this award with the entire airport community, including our staff members and partners who work tirelessly to deliver a seamless and memorable Changi Experience to all our passengers from across the world. 


What motivates you to excel in all that you do? 
At Changi Airport, we are driven by our mission to be the world’s leading airport, to continue growing a vibrant air hub and to enhance communities we serve worldwide. Making every passenger feel at home and seeing a smile on their faces as they experience Changi Airport, remains our key motivation. 


What advice would you give to the next generation of tourism professionals who desire success in this trade? 
In a dynamic travel industry, consumer preferences continue to evolve. We pride ourselves in delivering an exceptional passenger experience that is cutting-edge and at the forefront of technology. Harnessing new technologies and implementing touches of innovation are important. Yet, at the same time, we pay close attention to every detail along the customer’s journey, for nothing is too small for us when 
it comes to the needs of our passengers.


Credits to Mr Kelvin Ng, Assistant Vice President - Corporate and Marketing Communications, Singapore Changi Airport

Picture:  Mr Chua Ching Hock, Senior Manager - Development OPS (Terminal 4), Airport Operations Management, Singapore Changi Airport