Singapore Airlines 2012

Singapore Airlines

What does this award mean to you and who would you like to share it with?

This award is a testimony to the hard work of our staff all over the world who strive each day to deliver our customers the very best products and services. We are also grateful to our customers for their unwavering support through both good and bad times.

We do not take such recognition for granted, and will continue to work hard to deliver the best travel experience across the six continents that we serve. We are well aware of the fact that our customers have many airlines to choose from, and this means we cannot become complacent or rest on our laurels.


What would you like to say to travel experts who voted you as the best?

Singapore Airlines wishes to thank the travel experts for voting for us as their airline of choice, and for keeping us on our toes. We know that our customers have high expectations of us, and we will continue to build upon the three pillars on which our brand promise is based: customer service excellence, product leadership and network connectivity.


What must travel experts do to be even more valuable to you?

Everyone in the travel industry must be nimble and flexible in the way they operate, especially so given that the industry is so susceptible to external challenges. At the same time, customer expectations are constantly evolving, which requires all of us to constantly be looking at ways to enhance the delivery of our products and services to our customers.


Credits to Mr Mak Swee Wah, Executive Vice President - Commercial, Singapore Airlines