TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2009 Abacus International

Abacus International

We are extremely proud to be the newest member of this esteemed family. At the same time, we are humbled by the tremendous support from the travel community who had voted for us for the past 10 years. This induction adds to our 21st anniversary celebrations this year. 

Our team is currently looking at new, innovative technology that can propel the industry into a new era. Even while we engage in this, travel agents will always be our top priority. We are aware of the challenges agents in all markets face and have dedicated teams committed to designing solutions for agents to succeed in this tough environment. We are excited about new opportunities that have opened up for travel agents, such as online travel booking and social networking and will help them take advantage of these growth areas.

To everyone who had ever voted for us and gave us the thumbs up – you ain’t seen nothing yet! 


Credits to Mr Robert Bailey, CEO, Abacus International