TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2010 Abacus International

Abacus International

Which is harder, to get to the top or to stay on top? Why?
Staying on top! There is no doubt that getting to the top is very challenging and requires vision, hard work and dedication from the whole team to build on the strength and depth of products and services required to delight our customers. 

To stay on top, you need to ensure continual improvement becomes part of the organisation’s DNA. Our competitors are not sleeping and we have to continually raise the bar for customer service and product innovation while further cementing our relationships in the market. This requires staff to be highly motivated and customer-focused. The commitment of Abacus team in the various markets is what impressed me when I first joined Abacus and it has continued to do so. 

Name one innovation we can expect from you in 2011.
Abacus is planning a number of important product launches next year. Perhaps one of the most significant will be a new agency point-of-sale (POS) system with focus on Asia-specific processes and workflows. This POS will create even greater productivity and efficiency for travel agencies. 

As agents had voted for you, what would you do to win more business from them?
Staying true to our promises and delivering solutions and services that will help them to win more business and increase productivity. 

If you have one burning message for travel agents, what would that be?
Thank you for your unwavering and strong support all these years. You have our commitment to continue to listen and work with you to deliver solutions and services that increase your business efficiency and profitability. 

How did you go about celebrating the win?
By remembering who got us up to the top – our customers, partners and employees. Thanks and cheers to all, and you can look forward to even better things to come from Abacus. 


Credits to Mr Robert Bailey, CEO, Abacus International

Picture: Mr Brett Henry, Vice-President - Commercial, Abacus International