TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2011 Abacus International

Abacus International

Biggest achievement last year?
We were particularly proud of how the teams worked together to move out of the gloom of the economic recession and set a record year for Abacus last year.  

The one goal for this year?
To bring the convenience and benefits of the Internet and mobile-related technology and applications to the travel industry.

What must travel consultants do to be of more value to you? 
They play an important role as content aggregator in the travel industry. We are here to provide them with the leading solutions and services to help them add better value to their customers.

To be the best in the field today, one must… 
Be equipped with the right technology and have the right partner who has a range of technology, knowledge and service tools to help differentiate oneself and ultimately deliver the best travel experience.


Picture: Mr Ho Hoong Mau, Division Head -Airline Distribution, Abacus International