TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2011 Hertz Asia-Pacific

Hertz Asia Pacific

Biggest achievement last year?
We launched the first electric vehicles (EVs) in New York in December last year. In August this year, we expanded our Global EV initiative to China, making us the first global rental car company to offer EVs on three continents. 
We now offer EVs across the US, in cities including New York, Washington DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and in London and other cities in Europe. We plan to deploy EVs in other countries in the coming months.


The one goal for this year?
One goal that we constantly pursue is to deliver what is enshrined in our mission statement. Our mission is to be the most customer-focused, cost-efficient vehicle and equipment rental/leasing company in every market we serve. 


What must travel consultants do to be of more value to you? 
We invite our partners to work closely with us to grow the car rental market. More people renting cars means more commission income and happy customers. 


To be the best in the field today, one must… 
Be able to adapt and transform to meet the rapidly-changing operating environment and to meet the needs of customers, stakeholders and the community at large in a socially-responsible manner.


Credits to Mr Wong Soon Hwa, Vice President, Asia & Japan, Hertz Asia Pacific