TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2011 Lotte Tour

Biggest achievement last year?
Lotte Tour chartered South Korea-Japan-China cruise holidays last year. That was a first for the South Korea market. Although Koreans are not familiar with cruises, we undertook the initiative like a big adventure, confident of the outcome. It was a great success! The reasons included effective advertising, marketing and promotion.


The one goal for this year?
Many people enjoy overseas trips, but not many are satisfied with tour programmes, a big reason why the role of travel agencies has been scaled back. We have been striving to make qualitative improvements, providing a variety of tours and high-quality customer service. As a result, our customers feel satisfied with our tour programmes and services and use us again. 
We also try to be top-class with the management of staff, partners, systems, etc.


What must travel consultants do to be of more value to you? 
They must be prepared to provide a high level of service to match the value that customers want. It is essential to have well-trained staff, the latest information system and cooperation with partner companies. I’m sure that customers don’t want to experience a bad trip. Tour companies should do their best all the time so their customers can rest, have leisure time, exciting experiences and a high level of happiness!


To be the best in the field today, one must… 
Have a dynamic attitude. Every day, we deal with a huge amount of information. Travel companies should have the ability to deal with problems and take in this information more than anyone.The ability to handle information is the most important key that decides success. Information is directly related to the latest trends, customer satisfaction, high productivity, preparation for the future market, risk control and managing an organisation.


Credits to Mr Harry Baek, Executive Vice-President of Lotte Tour