TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2012 Abacus International

Abacus International

What does this award mean to you and who would you like to share it with? 
The award is testament to our commitment to the travel industry and the value we have provided to our partners across both travel consultants and travel suppliers.  
This award belongs to the entire team at Abacus for their hard work, determination and commitment. I would also like to share this award with our travel partners: without their unwavering support, we would not have achieved as much.  
I would also like to thank TTG for continuing to organise the Awards to encourage and support businesses in the travel industry to continuously strive to improve and deliver better outcomes for travel players and their stakeholders.


What would you like to say to travel experts who voted you as the best? 
We appreciate their ongoing support, and hope to be able to continue to provide them with solutions and insights to help them keep their fingers on the pulse of the travel industry. It is very humbling and a real honour to have the continued support of travel experts, and we will keep striving to do even better next year. 

What must travel experts do to be even more valuable to you? 
Travel experts, with their experience and knowledge, should help advance the industry to ensure that it continues to prosper regardless of how the landscape changes. Their willingness and open-mindedness to adopt new technology constantly spur us on to ensure that we do not rest on our laurels and continue to be a trusted partner to them. It would be wonderful to see more travel experts be more willing to explore how technology could further enhance their effectiveness. 


Credits to Mr Robert Bailey, President & CEO, Abacus International