TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2014 Star Cruises

Star Cruises

What does this award mean to you and who do you want to share it with?
On behalf of Star Cruises, we are deeply honoured to have been inducted into the Travel Hall of Fame in 2008. It is indeed a great pleasure to receive this award and be part of the best in the Asia-Pacific travel trade. We would like to thank TTG and all our trade partners for the recognition and continuous support. Most importantly, I would like to thank and share this award with the entire Star Cruises family for their relentless commitment and dedication in making Star Cruises the leading cruise line in Asia-Pacific.


What motivates you to excel in all that you do?
This year marks Star Cruises’ 21 years of milestones and successes as an international cruise operator and a pioneer in Asia. It is embedded in our DNA to continue to innovate and create new milestones in terms of providing greater customer experience, especially here in Asia where the service standards are high in general. It is not always about having the biggest ships. It is about having a deep understanding of the diverse Asian cultures, their unique differences and evolving customer expectations. These are what drive all of us here at Star Cruises to continuously provide best-in-class services and practices in the cruising industry.   

What advice would you give to the next generation of tourism professionals who desire success in this trade?
The trade offers limitless potential for the next generation of tourism professionals in Asia. The cruise industry is relatively untapped, as only less than 0.05 per cent of Asia’s population has taken a cruise. There is definitely a huge room for growth here in Asia and it is up to the next generation of tourism professionals to create new awareness and to drive the cruise industry further. It is important to have a firm understanding of consumer behaviour and an all-round understanding of the socio-economic environments of the markets, geopolitics and cultural influences. In doing so, it would be clear where the new opportunities are and which partners would provide the best synergy in bringing the cruise industry to the next level.


Credits to Ang Moo Lim, EVP - Marketing and Hotel Operations and Country Head (China & Regional)