TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2015 Royal Cliff Hotels Group

Royal Cliff Hotels Group

What factors have enabled your company to remain a top performer in your sector, and top of mind among your customers, all these years?

Our criteria for success boils down to the following factors: looking at things from the customers’ perspective and not basing it on our own preferences, continuous improvement and innovation and finally, constant coaching and training of our staff. We constantly review feedback from customers and ask our guests what improvements they would like to see at Royal Cliff.

Another factor is training. We emphasise to our people that we are in the business of making people happy. We train our operations team to offer unobtrusive service that is sincere and truly committed in solving guests’ problems.

What is the one most important business decision you have made this year?

Our theme this year has been centered on the importance of ideas and contribution.

Since January, the management team has been urging all the departments to contribute and submit new ideas in order to improve Royal Cliff. The team with the most impressive idea is rewarded. This has been a very useful and insightful exercise.

We found that even our gardeners came up with some impressive ideas that were not only creative but really meant a lot to our guests. This exercise also improved teamwork between departments.

The future for Royal Cliff is exciting because the next important business decision is to improve our operations technology.

Credits to Vitanart Vathanakul, Executive director, Royal Cliff Hotels Group