TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2015 Star Cruises

Star Cruises

What factors have enabled your company to remain a top performer in your sector, and top of mind among your customers, all these years?

Star Cruises is an Asian cruise line and we have always been proud of our deep-rooted heritage. With over 22 years of valuable experience in the region, no other cruise line best understands Asian cruisers and Asia better than Star Cruises.

As an Asian company, we intimately know what our guests are looking for and we remain committed to offering best-in-class services with the first-rate hospitality that the region is renowned for.

As pioneers and trendsetters, we never rest on our laurels as we continue to innovate and introduce new concepts and destinations that will appeal to travellers across Asia.

What is the one most important business decision you have made this year?

In 2015, we set our sights on new horizons and creating new and exciting milestones.

Our Star Cruises fleet continues to make waves across Asia with new itineraries including our first-ever 48-day voyage to the Southern Hemisphere onboard SuperStar Virgo. Also, SuperStar Libra has recently started her new deployment in Xiamen, China, allowing travellers from North Asia to explore new and unique travel experiences to Penghu, Taiwan as well as Miyakojima and Naha in Okinawa, Japan.

This year, with the addition of the award-winning Crystal Cruises to the Genting Hong Kong family and our comprehensive expansion plans for the cruise line, we are taking innovation to the seas and skies, transforming the luxury cruise market and elevating the company to even greater heights.

Credits to Michael Goh, Senior vice president – sales, Star Cruises