TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2016 Raffles Hotel

Raffles Singapore

What has your company done in the past year to remain a top performer in your sector, and top of mind among your customers?
Raffles Singapore is one of the world’s most beloved hotels and a grand venue for prestigious events and unforgettable occasions. Patronised by nobility and famous personalities, the Raffles charm transcends its gracious atmosphere and romantic courtyards. Its regal elegance has inspired all, from royalties to literary luminaries, who have experienced its timeless tradition since 1887.

In addition to its unique heritage and charming qualities, with only 103 suites, Raffles stands for top quality service, where a devoted team is behind each memorable guest experience which ensures seamless and bespoke service throughout their stay. The high levels of service and personalisation delivered by Raffles colleagues is why most of our guests still return to Raffles Hotel Singapore whenever they visit Singapore. The creation of this Emotional Luxury is hence one of our key brand attributes.

The Raffles Experience includes signature offerings, key to creating memorable guest experiences. When guests stay at Raffles, they also expect to enjoy the history and heritage of the hotel. Raffles Hotel Singapore’s longest-serving colleague since 1972, Leslie Danker, has immense knowledge on the hotel’s history and conducts exclusive hotel tours. With his many personal, first-hand experiences, he often fascinates our guests with his stories.

What motivates you and your team to excel in all that you do?
Most hotels have to create authenticity and heritage. We are very fortunate because we don’t have to invent anything. Raffles is the real thing, a genuine icon beautifully maintained in its original style. It is not just a hotel, it is an atmosphere, a feeling, an emotional place.

We are privileged that this authenticity and history already exists and it is inspiring to be part of it every day.

What advice would you give to the next generation of tourism professionals who desire success in this trade?
It is a vibrant and complex business and you have to want to learn about the industry and the business from the basics. Then you need genuine enthusiasm, passion and interest in the work, which is very stimulating, and of course, lots of energy!

Credits to Simon Hirst, general manager, Raffles Hotel Singapore