TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2017 Hertz Asia-Pacific

Hertz Asia Pacific

What do you think has kept your organisation so successful in what it does all these years?

Multiple elements define our success, but we believe the two that maintain our position are our extensive fleet range and that Hertz continuously evolves its service offering to ensure the company's relevance. This can take the form of introducing new products or improving processes to make renting a vehicle even more seamless for customers. The result, customers have confidence in the Hertz brand and the service they receive at any of our branches.

What latest innovations in products and services has your organisation introduced this year?

We continue to expand our fleet offering through the iconic Collection ranges, which sees new vehicles added to meet a variety of customers' needs. In addition, Hertz has partnered with Uber in Australia, which utilises Hertz's extensive fleet and provides drivers with reliable vehicles to access the economic benefits of the service and meet the growing consumer demand for ridesharing.

An organisation is only as good as its people. So, how is your organisation investing in the next generation of leaders?

At Hertz, where possible, we always look to promote internally through formal training, exposure to new projects and mentoring and coaching. We offer international opportunities – something that's desirable in today's job market.
– Eoin MacNeill, vice president

Credits to Marcus Tan, Director, Commercial Development South Asia, Hertz Asia Pacific