TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2010 Royal Cliff Hotels Group

Royal Cliff Hotel Group

Which is harder, to get to the top or to stay on top? Why?
To stay on top is undeniably more difficult that actually getting there. As time progresses, the ratio of competitors increases and we need to be one step ahead at all times. 


Name one innovation we can expect from you in 2011.
We have planned many exciting changes, improvements and ideas for the future. We are now beginning to incorporate numerous technological products to cater to the new generation lifestyle. In 2011, our customers will be able to connect with the world using their room LCD television sets – from checking emails and sending a text message to watching digital movies and checking international news. 


As agents had voted for you, what would you do to win more business from them?
To win the hearts of their customers. Our agents have assured their clients that they will have a wonderful, five-star experience at Royal Cliff Beach Resort, and it is our continual endeavors to exceed any guest’s expectation; not only with our facilities, but also with our personal touch. 

If you have one burning message for travel agents, what would that be?
Throughout the years, the Royal Cliff Beach Resort has developed powerful relationships with travel agents, which have continued to thrive despite difficult times. I believe that partnership and cooperation are crucial to success in this industry, and I ask all our current agents and future partners to continue with this strong approach of achieving our goals. 


How did you go about celebrating the win?
To celebrate this prestigious win, we held a “Thank You” party at our brand new beach bar, Breezeo – Be Yourself Dining. All our valued supporters were personally invited to attend an evening of cocktails by the beach while watching the sunset over the beautiful Gulf of Siam.

Credits to Khun Panga Vanthanakul, Managing Director, Royal Cliff Beach Resort

Picture:  Khun Vitanart Vathanakul, Executive Director, Royal Cliff Hotels Group