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Inducted in 2011
Consecutive Award Won: Best Travel Agency in South Korea

Lotte Tour has been a leader in Korea’s Tourism advancement for 48 years since founded in 1971. Operating charter cruise for 10 years a row, we are not only affecting on cruise popularization but also on invigorating regional economy. Through these efforts, Lotte Tour won award in Golden Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit – a first for a travel agency, in recognition of its contribution to national development in Korea, TTG Travel Award’s “Best Travel Agency – South Korea” 10 consecutive times, as voted by the Asia-Pacific travel industry, earning it a permanent place in the TTG Travel Hall of Fame since 2011. In the same year, Lotte Tour was also bestowed the title of “Best Pacific Asia Travel Agency” in the Champion of the sea in Costa Cruises. These achievements motivate the team at Lotte Tour to strive even harder for excellence, with the vision of becoming amongst the World’s best service providers.

Moreover, the project of Jeju Dream Tower Integrated Resort is getting attention as a major landmark in Jeju, contributing to job creation and attracting domestic and international tourists.



The Next Chapter

Our customers’ needs are increasingly diversified. Lotte Tour does its best to listen to its customers’ opinions, and focuses on delivering what they want to meet expectations. To remain as a leading travel service provider, we strive to provide the best service for our customers and develop high quality products. In addition, our goal is to expand our influence in Korea’s tourism sector and be a contributor to the country’s community and economic development. This includes our support for Mirim girls’ high school, the project of Jeju Dream Tower Integrated Resort, and developing a cruise industry in Korea. In October 2019, Lotte Tour is expected to commence its cruise charter for 10 consecutive years with a focus on growing cruise sales. Through these on-going developments, Lotte Tour will continue to be a leading player in Korea’s tourism industry with the aim of being an influential brand in the global economy.