TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2014 Abacus International

Abacus International

What does this award mean to you and who do you want to share it with?
Our partners and customers are key to our success and we have therefore strived to keep their needs and requirements in mind in everything that we do, from designing new solutions to enhancing our existing ones. The strong support from them and the commitment of our employees are the reasons behind our continued success – this award honours our partners, customers and employees. 

What motivates you to excel in all that you do?
Innovation and optimising current and new technology will continue to play a vital role in the region’s huge travel market. This award is an affirmation that we are doing the right things and it is also a great encouragement for us to continue innovating for the travel distribution market. We look forward to helping them take advantage of rising opportunities in the travel market. 

What advice would you give to the next generation of tourism professionals who desire success in this trade?
To succeed in this vibrant and growing travel industry, be creative and passionate and embrace new ideas. Challenge yourself in what you do, take calculated risks but stay focused on the 
customers. Your success is in creating the ultimate customer experience that keeps them coming back to you.


Credits to Mr Robert Bailey, President & CEO, Abacus International
Picture: Mr Steven Ong, General Manager - Thailand, Abacus International