TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2015 Hertz Asia-Pacific

Hertz Asia Pacific

What factors have enabled your company to remain a top performer in your sector, and top of mind among your customers, all these years?

At Hertz, we do not just sell you car rentals. It is more than car rentals. It is an experience. It is freedom on wheels. It is peace of mind. It is romance and adventure on the road. We want to help customers and partners get the most out of their car rental experiences.

That’s why we invest in best-in-class product and service initiatives that set us apart from the competition. That’s why we not only offer an excellent range of standard car groups, but also unique vehicles to fit your exact mood and style.

That’s why we set up shop in Asia more than 20 years ago, religiously serving, supporting and growing the Asian markets, through good as well as bad times.

That’s why we are the first and only car rental brand in the TTG Awards Travel Hall of Fame, having won The Best Car Rental award 10 times in a row.

That’s why we are on this and the adjacent pages, thanking you and saluting you for all your warm support through the decades.

What is the one most important business decision you have made this year?

Slashing budgets of low-performing, mature markets and pumping the funds into high-performing, emerging markets, bulldozing through screams and resistance. The decision proved to be wise – it not only achieved significant incremental growth but further strengthened our strategic high grounds.

Credits to Lo Li-Wen, Senior director, marketing, Asia-Pacific, Hertz Asia-Pacific