TTG Travel Hall of Fame 2017 Royal Cliff Hotels Group

Royal Cliff Hotels Group

What do you think has kept your organisation so successful in what it does all these years?

At Royal Cliff, everyone, no matter what level or department they are at, is encouraged to speak up and share their ideas. Outstanding ideas are rewarded and implemented.

In addition every guest feedback is scrutinised and sent to the departments of concern.

Our culture is also definitely one of the most important contributors for the success we have achieved. Our team members know their work is appreciated and that the senior management care for them. We have been very fortunate in having great people in our team.

What latest innovations in products and services has your organisation introduced this year?

This year, we are planning to do a complete makeover of one of our hotels. Another project currently underway parallel to the renovation of our hotels is the upgrade of our sports club, particularly our tennis courts and swimming pool.

An organisation is only as good as its people. So, how is your organisation investing in the next generation of leaders?

The younger generation are given opportunities to take on more challenges and responsibilities. Those that show promise are groomed to be leaders. We have started a mentoring program where managers are assigned to a new staff.

We make it mandatory to share great resources across the board such as interesting articles, case studies or management experiences. This way, the newcomers will be able to easily learn from previous mistakes and can also get useful tips from the more experienced managers.

Credits to Vitanart Vathanakul, Executive Director, Royal Cliff Hotels Group